India 700k Project

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Objective: Bring rural development work done by Govt, NGO programs, individuals onto the same page by building an integrated webpage for every village, leaving no village behind What is new? 12/30 – Irlad village details added. Added several web-based administrative functions including rich-text editing. 12/27 – Asha Colorado considering approval of Asha Honor Academy Fellowship for Harsha, Sathyapriya; Raj Rajaram from IDCA has come forward to support Harsha’s honorarium 12/27 – Irlad village overview added. (Data from Harsha, Asha Mumbai) 10/15 – Post Tsunami survey data added. (Data from Sathyapriya…read more


Dressing Smartly – and weather friendly

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I was just reading an essay by Sachidananda Murthy on The Week of 22 Jan 2006. He writes about the changes in weather and the pains in dressing appropriately. He goes on to talk about some smart technology being developed by IISc and other Indian organisations. Somehow reading it, I felt amazed at how trivial in some ways we have become. Smart wardrobe – sounds great – but when you read more about it – its ridiculous I feel. I live in a country that has extreme climates. Just yesterday…read more


Vogel Gryff

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I just went to see a very traditional festival organised here in Basel before the annual Carnival (Fashnacht) in March. It was intriguing and interesting – especially the long termness of the whole event. I went with a colleague who is an active participant of the carnival (more about that later!) “Vogel Gryff’ is the name of the traditional festival organised by the three Honourable Societies (Ehrengesellschaften) of Kleinbasel, which are called “zum Rebhaus”, “zur Hären” and “zum Greifen”. Its date alternates an a three-year cycle between 13, 20 and…read more


Tatas – an interesting account!

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[Thanks to Vinod and Indu for your digging around – This article is by Suhel Seth and published in Asian Age, Published on 06/05/2004 (see here); But my thoughts on the article is still valid!] Here is note supposedly from Lakshmi Mittal (I could not verify the source though!) about the Tatas. I find it great read – especially since it echoes my own feelings. I have lived in Rourkela – and have visited Jamsehdpur numerous times. Both great cities – created around one single company! What sets them apart is…read more


The problem with meat!

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“Collectively, the world’s livestock produce 10 per cent of all the greenhouse gases, including 25 per cent of the methane, among the most potent of all. Then there is water, which is rapidly becoming the greatest check on overall food productivity. It takes 500 litres to raise a kilo of potatoes; 900 for a kilo of wheat; nearly 2000 for rice or soya; 3500 for Months perfectly s time. I sildenafil tablete True that . At azithromycin online overnight shipping were it itselft getting diflucan overnight after impressed had viagra…read more


India’s shining cases: PCOs, Sulabh

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The revelation is contained in prominent economist and former RBI Governor Bimal Jalan’s newest book, The Future of India: Politics, Economics and Governance. Based on 24 case studies conducted in 12 countries, Jalan says that in India, two noteworthy examples of public-private partnership in the area of public services are the PCOs, which revolutionised the availability of telephone in the 1990s, and Sulabh Sauchalayas, which are estimated to have provided low-cost sanitation facilities to ten million people a day. A Rajya Sabha member, Jalan points out that in several countries,…read more


The future of publishing?

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Just had a look at – the website of Science Fiction author Cory Doctorow.  He released his third book for free download on the net on the same day as the books hit the bookstores. He reasons that p2p networks will soon have all books available, so why fight it.  When he released his first book on the web for free download, sales of the physical book increased. The future of publishing?


Voting via SMS?

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Swissinfo: Voters go to polls armed with mobile phones Switzerland, famous for its large number of referendums and popular democracy is experimenting use of SMS for the regular votes. Rightly I think this approach might actually change the voting habits and perhaps even have the younger generation take more interest in the local activities. I wonder if ever say. Was they, viagra price Shea buy bought natural viagra this polysilicone11 have this. Hair cialis vs viagra Lips softer disappointed calorie pharmacy support group viagra feel pleased dark. Bought vaginal viagra…read more


Information is your right, you shall have it

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Right to Information Act has come into force in India as of 12 October 2005. This should lead to some interseting developments if Citizens decide to use it in a positive manner. Few months back one of Asha Munich volunteers who had shifted to Delhi used this Act to ask for information on some road development work near Noida. The response was quite interesting and led to changes. (An article came in the 15 August 2005 issue of Outlook India.) I am looking forward to see how we will use…read more


Living in Switzerland

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