Google Maps & Map of Switzerland

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Google Maps is another interesting product from Google – again what attracts me most is their user interface – so much uncluttered – compared to perhaps somewhat more practically useful Yahoo Maps. Anyway, since they are currently mostly US centric – I can’t comment much on their usefulness.

What I find rather interesting is what now is happening with sites like Google Sightseeing. Soon we will have interesting sightseeing programs of key sites around the world.

Let me start that concept by using another tool – very similar to Google Maps, but from Switzerland. Ok, this is just an attempt to see if this makes sense. So I will try out few places. If you read this and like what you see, do leave a comment. And once you click on one of these links, please do click around to see what is where.

Switzerland is of course famous for the beautiful landscape. And the region most famous due to the Bollywood phenomenon is Bernese Oberland. It is the region roughly between Bern on the west and Luzern on the east. The most famous city in this area is Interlaken. Apart from being a small town in between two of world’s most beautiful lakes, it also happens to be the starting point to go to Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn and various other famous places. You can see the huge glacier that is part of the Swiss Alps in those pictures.

Something interesting about the Swiss landscape and the influence of the glacier is that – when you look out you see the beautiful smooth hillocks and meadows. But the moment you start looking up – you will see that after a particular height the landscape suddenly changes from being smooth to more sharp – more like the landscape you would have seen in Himalayas. This is due to the fact that almost whole of Switzerland was covered by snow in the not so distant past (couple of million years perhaps) – and the region that was covered by the glacier kind of got smoothened out while the area not covered remains the way it originally was. (If you are a geology expert – please dont laugh at this rather simple explanation.)

Ok, that is it for now. Will update this post soon if I get enough positive feedback.