Mumbai to Delhi: 3 hours by train?

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Just read this amazing news on with an expected cost of USD 30 billions. Yes I know Indian economy is growing, and dreaming high is a good thing – but when I hear such proposals – invariably from NRIs, it leaves me but wondering do we have any idea where we are going to. Sometimes I get the feel that some NRIs and even RIs get so heady in their initial success that they think anything and everything is possible. I am reminded of some of the many overhyped ventures that started off during the boom days. When we look at the Indian economy today, the real growth is not coming from

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some fancy company developing some state-of-the art products, but rather from industries providing tried and trusted basic services (and I include the Infosys and the Wipros as they are providing very basic services required for running any company, with a much better cost and delivery structure – the need and the product itself was in existence long before they emerged.) The other Indian making news and waves these days is Laxmi Mittal of Mittal steel, again another basic commodity! These guys are doing a great job – but what I want to say is that these are not guys who will come up with projects like Delhi to Mumbai in 3 hours. So the question is – do we need more of these guys – the Mittals and even Murthys or should we target to find the Maglev elevated NRIs? The answer will be rather obvious if you ask our sci-fied President I am sure 😉