Hands-on with Aperture

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Ever since Apple announced the launch of Aperture I have been excited about it. Though its a fact that I will not be able to get one in the near future – minimum requirements include a Dual G5! – I think this is another great achievement for Apple. While it does not pretend to replace PhotoShop, it is a very powerful complement to it. And from what I see its a great workflow management tool for professionals and serious amateurs alike. PDN Online has a good review of Aperture, it also looks at some of the limitations that had been highlighted ever since it was launched last month.

When Apple took the wraps off Aperture, the company’s new professional photography workflow tool at the recent Photo Plus trade show in New York, shockwaves spread out through the industry. Very quickly photographic forums filled with

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posts about the new program (and, interestingly as it was not yet available, its "shortcomings") and seemingly every conversation I had at the show turned at some point to the new program and the implications for the photographic market. PDN will have a full-blown hands-on review of the program in an upcoming issue, but due to the interest in this program and the increased conversation about the photographic workflow, we decided to expand our coverage online to provide some first-impressions with Aperture and the way that the photographic experience might change as a result of its release. In order to get a better feel for the program (most impressions about its feature-set and usability having been gained during a press-only demonstration and from demos at the Apple booth at the show) I spent a day with Apple at their corporate headquarters in California, digging deeper into the guts of the program with its product managers.