The Swiss railway clock

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The rather famous Swiss railway clock (you can see

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one on the side bar, or in any of the Swiss railway stations) was designed in the 1940s by the Swiss engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker (1901 – 1993) with its highly visible,

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red second hand. And I think thats the most unique feature of this clock – the red second hand. This was inspried by the wooden signal that the senior most station supervisor used to have. Though today it is no longer used, most trains today leave the platform as the spoon moves on after the minute. Thus in a way continuing that tradition. Another feature is the white background with the distinct minute marks. It is visible clearly from far and helps passengers a lot. There are over 3000 of these clocks in Switzerland today and its very rightly the symbol of the punctuality that Swiss Railways have come to stand for. Today, the clocks are all linked together giving incredible precision. I will update this post with more details on the new apporach (using satellite links I am told) as soon as I have them.