On Vedic mathematics

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Was surfing around and found few articles written by Srijith on Vedic Mathematics. I am linking them here. Even though this is from 2003, its as one can imagine a timeless concept! From what I see, lacking enough feedback – he stopped after a few posts. So if you guys like what you read, drop him a line and ask him to restart.

We had a professor at my Engg. school who used to take classes on Vedic mathematics. It did help me quite a bit during the rat race for B-School admissions – but since then, really haven’t used it much. Nevertheless if a time comes when I have to play around with numbers – I am rather convinced that I will brush up these skills.

  1. Introduction
  2. Multiplication 1
  3. Multiplication 1 – contd.
  4. Multiplication 2
  5. Division

If you are further interested, you might want to take a look at Professor Rajesh Gupta’s (Uni. of California) introduction as well. Also you might want to participate in an attempt to create an online repository of Indian contribution to mathematics – both from information point of view and from techniques that has been forgotten since ancient times! Please visit www.pramod.ch/maths and join in.