Why our education system needs a fix!

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I came across a good article on education on Rediff.com today. Vivek and Priyanka do indeed capture some key issues hauting Indian education

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One area I think I would disagree or not agree completely with them is the subheading Crisis is our idea of progress. Now it is true that the economic imperative has certainly taken a higher than other reasons for selecting a career path – but its hypocritical to say that there is a limit to the amount of money someone would need.

I stay in Switzerland, which brings in a very different view of things. The Swiss perhaps has one of the highest per capita income in the world. This hasn’t meant that they have lost their level-headedness. But yes this certainly does mean that their quality of life is much better than many others and they get to do things that many others cannot. No they don’t own the largest collection of gold jewellery in the world (that credit incidently goes to Indians! – Baselword that is happening right across the street from here happens to be the world’s biggest jewellery fair – the biggest contingent happens to be – (surprise, surprise) – Indians!). The Swiss are perhaps some of the most travelled people in the world (perhaps after Germans!) They can afford to come to India for a month, then go to Australia and to Botswana and to Brazil and to USA.

How many in India can do that still? Not many. Anyway the point is – I don’t think that we have as yet reached a stage where many Indian professionals are earning beyond what they are eligible for. Anyway I don’t think anyone has a right to dictate what is appropriate economic incentive for anyone. But leaving this aspect aside – the article does bring up some very pertinent question. But I am thinking that the whole issue is relevant not to the majority of Indians – who are still struggling to make it to even a normal school. I think we should be clear that these questions are relevant to the fortunate lot who were lucky enough to even consider doing an B.Tech or an MBBS or even an MBA.

Majority of India is way far from these acronyms. Sometimes I think that majority of us somehow start to think that India is filled with you and me (as in me – the real me, and you – the ones who are reading this blog or those who have access to these kind of media!) We somehow seem to ignore and wish away the existence of the bigger majority.

And in this context I think our education system is not that bad. It has helped many of us to reach where we have. And it is helping millions more grow up in life. And for the rest – those who want to really achive more – well, if you want to achive something with passion – our system never stops anyone – and the opportunities are enormous.